Thursday, December 19, 2013

McKenna's Review: Brewster: 3.5 Stars

My youngest sister is a sophomore in college. She is a big fan of reading and has given me a few reviews of books she recently read.  I hope you enjoy.

 Brewster by Mark Slouka

I was required to read Brewster for my college English literature class. I was a little uneasy about reading it since it was a last minute decision assignment for the class and I only had a week to read it. So I wasn’t exactly excited about it. After finishing it however, I found it to be a pretty good read and actually ended up taking some things away from it. Let me start out by giving the warning that this is an R rated book and goes into some pretty dark subjects. The book is set in the town of Brewster, New York in the 60’s and follows two teenage boys and their friendship. Both boys have more than grueling lives. When all hope seems lost on finding any joy in Brewster, the two make an unlikely yet indefinable and unbeatable bond. Though the course of there lives only get more ruff and rigorous the two only grow closer. Their heartbreaking story of friendship and loyalty will relate to all ages young and old and leave you turning pages.

Rating: R 

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