Friday, December 6, 2013

I Hunt Killers: 4 Stars

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

I have seen this book in bookstores, on Goodreads, and all over the blogosphere. The cover catches my attention every time.  Then I read the back of the book, and I knew I needed to read it.  Well, I finally ordered it from the library and was able to mark it off my list.

Jasper Dent (better known as Jazz) is not like most 17-year-old boys. His father is the most notorious serial killer the world has ever seen. With over 100 kills and a variety of methods, he taught Jazz everything he knew...until he was arrested.  Now Jazz is just trying to live a normal life, but how can you when you have been trained to be a serial killer your whole life?

One day a body shows up in the small town. The police know the chances of this being yet another serial killer is unlikely, but Jazz, with his vast knowledge and skills, sees the signs.  He, along with his best friend Howie and girlfriend Connie (although reluctantly), try to solve the crime the police seem uninterested in admitting is part of a serial spree. What happens next is Jasper's worst nightmare. 

I really enjoyed this book for a couple reasons. 

1.  I am fascinated by serial killers. They seem so normal in public, up until they kill someone. Often serial killers are known as nice guys that no one would have suspected. This is also true with Jazz's dad, Billy Dent. He was a little league coach and upstanding community member.  The psychology behind this is fascinating. 

2. I love the way the writer addresses all of the issues Jazz faces.  He is hounded by reporters, terrifying to parents, and obnoxious to police officials. He is trying to be normal, but that's difficult when everyone knows what your dad did. Jazz also thinks like his father.  Its kind of hard not to when you were raised to hunt people. But Jazz fights of those instincts and tries to use them for good. 

The story is simple and easy to read.  If you like stories about serial killers, this one is unique and enjoyable.

Rating: PG-13

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