Friday, August 23, 2013

Inferno: 2 Stars

Inferno by Dan Brown

This is the 4th installment of the Robert Langdon series. I started this years ago (after The Da Vinci Code was a big deal) with Angels and Demons because someone got me the book for my birthday.  I was reluctant to read it because I am not a huge fan of super hyped books. I am often let down by them. But I read it anyway.  I LOVED it! It was like a riddle disguised as a book with a history lesson mixed with some fiction. I love all those things (because I am a nerd).

I have since read The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, so when Inferno came out, I requested it immediately from the library.  Seeing as I was 38th on the list, I just got it. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

In Inferno, we once again join Robert Langdon. This time he wakes up in a hospital in Italy with no memory of the last few days (including what he's doing in Italy) and is now on the run from a killer. He has no idea what is going on but he knows it has to do with Dante's Inferno.

Seeing as the book starts out the Langdon on the run for his life and no idea why, you think it would be thrilling. But the book had two major flaws.

1.  The book was WAY too long. Brown does a lot of unnecessary, and frankly dull, grandstanding in this book. For a  480 page book, you could have easily cut out 200. I know Brown is a fan of the controversial topics (Jesus having a daughter, the Pope fathering a child, Masons in the government), but with this one, he kind of shoves the controversy in your face. Its to the point where you get sick of hearing about it. I get it Dan Brown, the overpopulation of the Earth is a hot topic, can we please just move on with the story?

2. Predictable! I knew right away who not to trust. memory and on the run?  Why trust the person telling you everything?  Why not question them?  You are trying to solve a mystery and you know she isn't being completely honest, yet you just blindly trust?  Come on! Langdon is smarter than that!

Ok, so maybe I was harsher on this book than I should be, but I guess I just expected more. This is one reason I am not a huge fan of series or a fan of "hyped" books. I get let down.  And if I get my hopes up and am let down, I will grade you harsher.  Sorry Dan Brown.


  1. Sorry you didn't enjoy it :(
    You are not the only one though, I've seen many other not so favourable reviews. I am yet to read Dan Brown, but when I do, I won't be picking this one up...

    1. I really enjoyed Angels and Demons and honestly could have left it at that and been ok.