Sunday, November 9, 2014

Making Up For Monday: WAR! What is it good for?

It's time for Making Up For Monday!

This week's question:
Do you enjoy war or battle novels?  If so, which is your favorite?  If not, why?

I, personally, am not a fan of battle or war time novels. I don't know why, but I have a really hard time following them and how exactly the battle/war is going. I am much more visual and would benefit from maps. 

That being said, I have read quite a few of them and even enjoyed a few.  Two of my favorites are 1776 and Catch-22.

1776 by David McCullough is all about the Revolutionary War and George Washington.  It was extremely educational and I am glad I read it (despite the fact that I did get lost on occasion). Maybe Ken Burns can do a documentary based on the book, giving me the visuals I need to fully understand.

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is all about pilots in WWII. This book had less to do with the battles and more to do with the the pilots and other soldiers during their down time and the politics of it all. It was hilarious and I loved it!

What about you?  Do you enjoy war time novels?

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  1. That headline is perfect! LOL. i've wanted to read Catch-22 because of the title being such a popular phrase.

    You know, I forgot I read A Tale of Two Cities which was a war book during the French Revolution. Hated it!

    1. Thanks! I also read A Tale of Two Cities and didn't enjoy it, but it was in high school and the teacher assigned it during the last two weeks of school (you know, cuz reading a big book AND studying for my finals is fun) so I am not quite sure if I REALLY didn't like it or if I was just annoyed with the situation.