Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!!!!!

Dearest Americans,

While we often complain about issues with this country (and yes, it will always need improvement), it is good to remember just how lucky we are to be here. If you feel you need a little reminder, I have a book for you!

1776 by David McCullough

I previously reviewed this book, but felt today was a good day to mention it once more. This is the tale of how we came to be an independent and free land. It was not an easy journey and there was great adversity and controversy in the expedition. Many people gave a great deal for us to have the freedom we take for granted each day. 

Perhaps you will spend your day like me, with a family BBQ, a single A baseball game, and a firework show.  Perhaps you have your own traditions. Whatever you do, don't forget to take a moment to remember, you are lucky and blessed to be in this country. Take a moment to feel some gratitude and honor (no matter your political complaints).

Love always, 


PS: I realize people in other countries are blessed to be where they are too, so feel free to celebrate what you love about your country.

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