Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015 -- bookish, blogging or otherwise!

On this week's edition of Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish), we are looking forward to our top ten goals/resolutions for 2015.

Here we go:

1. Get ready for the baby: Since I am four months pregnant, obviously a lot of my goals will focused around becoming a mom for the first time. Its a big transition in life and will take a lot of work.

the wee one at 10 weeks

2. Find a way to document my child's life in photographs: Growing up in a very large family, my parents did a decent job of making sure there were plenty of pictures of us growing up. From baby to adult, there are quite a few pictures of each of us.  My husband on the other-hand, has practically nothing. The youngest picture I have seen was one when he was 9, then again when he's 17, but most pictures start around age 21. I want our kid to have lots of pictures, but I am not a huge fan of sharing them online. Facebook, Instagram, and blogs are ok for the occasional pictures, but not a lot of them. Any suggestions on creative and easy ways to keep these precious memories?

my best friend and I as we get ready for prom

3. No new debt: I had this same goal last year and was able to keep it.  But with a munchkin on the way, it's about to get a whole lot more difficult. But I still want no new debt in 2015!

4. Be more outdoorsy: Growing up, I was always outside. I hiked, biked, camped, and more. Since I became an adult, life got in the way.  I want that to change. While I still camp at least once a year, I want that to increase.  I want to take more hikes as well, and play more games outside, like Frisbee golf, bocce ball, and tennis.

beach fun in Oregon with the hubby

5. Go see the Foo Fighters in concert: The Foo Fighters are by far my favorite band, but I have never seen them in concert. In September, they will actually be near me and I already have my tickets.  Now I need to make sure I make it all the way out there to see them!

6. More date nights with my husband: My husband and I have been petty good about going out on actual dates lately, but this will become a little more difficult as our family grows. But it's still important, so I definitely want to keep it up!

7. Maintain my blogging speed: I have decided that I am comfortable with 3-4 posts a week. Now I am hoping to maintain that into the new year.

8. Collect all my favorite books from my childhood: I have very fond memories of my mom and dad reading to me when I was young. Many of those books have stuck with me over the years. My goal is to collect all my favorites and pass the tradition of reading on to the next generation. Any suggestions on other good children's books?

9. Get back down to pre-baby weight after the baby: Right now, thanks to the wonderfulness (sarcasm) of morning sickness, I am still under my pre-baby weight, but I am now gaining instead of losing, and expect to go above.  I would like to be back to normal by the end of the year (and perhaps a little lower!)

10. Be more social:  This has been my goal every year since probably birth. I am terrible about being social. I am not a shut in by any means, but when I meet new people, I get very shy and usually don't talk much. It makes it hard to make new friends. It's something I would like to change as I have kids, because I would like them to be more social than I was as a kid.

my sister's and I in Kentucky with Indiana just across the river


  1. Wish you nothing but great luck on your goals.
    Here's mine if you would like too see it!

  2. I'm pregnant too! Except I'm due Match 12 so further along. I hope you get over the sickness soon. I'm still vomiting and I'm almost 30weeks pregnant, argh. Don't worry do much about the weight right now, just don't over eat and then after the birth focus on getting back down. This is my second child and I'm so nervous about the additional loss of personal time.

    1. Still vomiting at 30 weeks?? Dang, that sucks! But you are getting so much closer, so there's that. I am definitely nervous about how much this is going to change everything, but at least I know it's a good thing. Good luck to you and your family!

  3. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best in 2015 :)