Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tinkers: 2 Stars

Tinkers by Paul Harding

What was this book about?  Well.......Here's the Goodreads description:

"An old man lies dying. Propped up in his living room and surrounded by his children and grandchildren, George Washington Crosby drifts in and out of consciousness, back to the wonder and pain of his impoverished childhood in Maine. As the clock repairer’s time winds down, his memories intertwine with those of his father, an epileptic, itinerant peddler and his grandfather, a Methodist preacher beset by madness. At once heartbreaking and life affirming, Tinkers is an elegiac meditation on love, loss, illness, faith, and the fierce beauty of nature."

But, if you were to ask me after I read the book what it was about, I would say, "".  Yep.  I thought the book was boring and utterly pointless.  I was about half way through and all I could think was "Ok, what the hell is the point?!"  I felt like the book was a pure waste of time and energy.  I got nothing out of it, other than a strong desire to fall asleep.  

And this won a Pulitzer Prize?  Really?  Ugh....

Rating: PG-13

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