Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Visit From the Goon Squad: 4 Stars

A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Have you ever seen the movie Love Actually or He's Just Not That Into You?  You know how there isn't really a full fledged main character but actually a bunch of different plot lines with loosely connected characters?  That's kind of how A Visit From The Goon Squad is organized. While Bennie could be considered the main character, the story actually is about several different people connected to Bennie and what happens to this lot over time.

Each of these characters at one point in their lives is living happy, reckless lives, but the past always catches up with you. The story is told with paths criss-crossing and time bouncing back and forth.

Initially I wasn't really interested in the book, but heard there was a chapter in PowerPoint. Seriously, how can you not be curious how a book has a chapter in PowerPoint format?  (It was actually done very well).

I liked this book far more than I expected to like it. While it definitely glamorized the rich and famous world of record producers and puck rock stars, the story didn't hide the downfall that often comes with it. Beautifully written and very well executed.

Rating: R

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