Monday, January 6, 2014

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014

Alright, time for Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week's theme:  Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend)

Since I wrote about my bookish goals in my last post, this one will be non-bookish. 

Here we go:

1. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day: I know, I know!  I should have already been doing this!  But I really don't like water. Like, seriously, I don't like it! Plus, whenever I tried this before, I spent a ridiculous amount of time needing to pee! This is really embarrassing when you are at work and you have to get up every hour to run to the bathroom, or you spend half a bus ride squirming in your chair. But now I work at home, so no one notices how much I use the bathroom and eventually I will get used to it and be able to go less often (sorry...that was definitely TMI!)  AND I started adding 1/4 of a lemon to each 16 oz bottle and I actually really like the lemon water.

2. Exercise 30-60 minutes, 6 times a week: I work from home, I get an hour lunch break, I have a Wii exercise program, free weights, and an elliptical.  I have no excuse not to be doing this.  I have been doing this since the day after Christmas and I feel great! I gotta keep it up!

3. Finish my book:  My goodness!  I want to be a writer.  How can I be a writer if I am not WRITING?  Time to suck it up and finish it.

4. Eat some fruits and veggies every day: Ok, I do eat lots of fruit and veggies, but not some of each every single day. Time to buckle down and make sure I do it!

This is definitely NOT fruits and veggies!

5. No new debt: I have been trying to pay my debt off for years, but life happens.  The most recent thing is that my car was stolen last year. Since it was a really old, crap car, insurance didn't cover a new car.  So I had to get a car loan if I wanted a new car (which I put off for five whole months because I really didn't want to).  But alas, I have a car loan now.  Paying that off by the end of this year would be really ambitious and I really don't think I can do it. So, my goal is just no new debt.  No using a credit card.  No new loans. No new debt!  I am starting off struggling this one because I had to get brand new tires on Friday, but I will do it!

This is my rent money...covered in flour.  I like to try and make my rent look like drug money because it's funny.

6. No dirty dishes when I go to bed: Since I have no dishwasher, either my husband or I have to do them by hand. Typically we do them every few days.  And then its a daunting task.  Its amazing home many dishes you use when you cook!  Rather then dread the growing heap of dishes, I want them done every day before bed.  This way there are only a few and it takes less time. This will also encourage me to do them while I am cooking.

7. Bathe my dog more often: I love my dog but she is terrified of water and baths.  This makes bathing her quite the task.  But she needs it.  So...alas...I must do it more often.

Not a happy little elf...ha ha ha ha
 8. Blog more often:  I actually want to start having a few of my sister's help me add more diversity to my blog so I want to add some of their reviews for books they read.  I have very strange taste in books, so adding in their reviews might make my blog more relate-able.

9. More dates with the hubby:  Life gets busy. Both my husband and I get very busy and are often not home the same nights. I also get so focused on saving money, that I think more about the negative financial aspects of a date, then the positive emotional aspects. No more!  We can either find cheap/free date ideas OR I can ignore my instincts and enjoy time with my adorable husband.

One of my favorite photos from our reception
 10. Save for a vacation: My husband and I have NEVER been on a vacation together.  We have been together for 5 years (dating plus marriage) and have never been on vacation together. This mostly has to do with the fact that right after we starting dating he was laid off and the right after we got married he was laid off again and then our car broke down and after $5000 of repairs, still never worked, so we got a new car, which was stolen and so we had to get another, plus we moved...blah blah blah. Needless to say, life happened and the idea of spending money on a vacation just was too much for me.  But this year I want to do something, even if it's just driving to Seattle (4 hours away) and spending the weekend. Maybe we can go see the Braves play the Mariners.  :)

My sisters and I for the last Seattle/Braves games...guess who we cheered for?


  1. I totally hear you re: #3. I'm hoping to finish my writing project this year but sometimes I just stare at it and go "OMG, what did I just write here?" *le sigh*

    Great list for this week! Best of luck with your resolutions :)

    My TTT

  2. Great list! Saving for vacation is something that I really need to do. It's been a while since I've had one!

    1. Its important but yet I keep putting it off.

  3. Oh my gosh you had me laughing so hard with your goals! I love the pics, well done. I wish you all the luck. Have a great week.

    Lacie @ Rainy Dayz Reviewz

  4. I love all the goals! You just reminded me that I really need to work on that whole water drinking thing. I get distracted and then I forget to drink enough water. I'll have to try the lemon idea. I really hope that you get to spend more time with your husband, and good luck with that dog of yours. Pets can be tricky to bathe. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ha ha ha, I am the same way! i get distracted and then I remember, crap, I am supposed to be drinking water!

  5. Awesome goals and pictures! It sounds like you and your husband have a terrific romance, with or without fancy dates! I'm with you on the exercise thing -- in theory, anyway. :) Gotta make it happen this year! Good luck with all of your goals!


    1. Thank you! The exercise thing is pretty rough going. :)

  6. Good luck with your goals, especially your book! OMG I wish I could be like you and have a goal of no debt... I'm a grad student though. So debt is just accumulating. >_< One day!

    1. Oh yes, definitely can't even attempt that one until after graduation.

  7. These are awesome goals! And . . . I know what you mean about water. I hate drinking the stuff! But I need to stop drinking so much soda. I know how horrible it is for me, but I keep drinking it.

    Good luck!

    Denise @ Life With No Plot