Monday, January 27, 2014

Making Up For Monday: Movie Cast

It's Time for Making Up For Monday!

Question: Good news!  Your favorite book is going to be turned into a movie and you get to chose the cast!  Who do you choose?

I decided to go with Calico Joe by John Grisham, because I loved it so much and I love baseball.

As Calico Joe Castle, the all-American, super star, humble and sweet, rookie baseball player, I chose:  Chris Hemsworth.  He's incredibly attractive, has a sports build, and he can play the sweet, humble character well.
As for the narrator, Paul Tracey, we would need both a kid and an adult. For the adult, I chose Neil Patrick Harris.  I love to see him out of the Barney Stinson character (although I like Barney).  He pulls off the sweet guy who wants to do the right thing.

As for the child version, I chose Max Page.

You may know him better as mini Darth Vader.  :)

For Paul's father, Warren Tracey, I chose Ashton Kutcher. He can pull off the douche character pretty well. 

They would have to use make up to age both Hemsworth and Kutcher, but I think that's better than finding older actors to play them and trying to find the best look alikes. 

So, what would you do with your favorite book?

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