Friday, September 13, 2013

Following Atticus: 3 Stars

Following Atticus: 
Forty-Eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship 
by Tom Ryan

After years of engrossing himself in the politics of a Massachusetts town with his own independent newspaper, Tom Ryan begins to long for more, and almost by accident ends up changing his life, all with the addition of a little dog. Initially for a friend, but eventually for himself, Ryan begins hiking mountains with his little dog in tow, blogging all the way. With the help of the bravery and loyalty Atticus provides, Ryan finds answers to questions.  In the end, Ryan finds happiness, something long since out of reach.

I did enjoy this book. I rated less, with only three stars, because the author gets a little high and mighty at times and because he has so many "revelations" that it seems to make them less important after awhile. But it was a great story that was well told. This is a man who grew up lonely despite his huge family. He is searching for who he is. While he defines himself as the editor of a self run newspaper, one little dog changes everything. He learns to understand his father, learns to love, learns to forgive, and to finally do what he wants to do. 

For dog lovers, hikers, or people who are lost in this world, I would recommend this book. 

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