Sunday, September 22, 2013

Death of a Stranger: 4 Stars

Death of a Stranger by Anne Perry

I do not like starting series in the middle, but this was the only Anne Perry book currently at the library and my dad recommended the book. Not only did my dad recommend it, but having discovered Anne Perry's dark past, I was intrigued to see what she would write about. 

While William Monk is a nice character, it was his wife, Hester, who kept me listening. She was not the weak, let-me-ask-my-detective-husband-what-I-should-do type. She was strong willed and independent while being a great wife. 

Honestly, the book could have dropped the William Monk story line and I would not have cared. It was Hester's story that was compelling, suspenseful, and fun to follow. I need to see if I can get my hands on more of this series.  Perhaps there will be more Hester Monk than William Monk. 

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