Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Lost Hero: 4 Stars

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

I promised someone I would get all caught up on this series before the final book came out in October. This is the first book in the second Percy Jackson series, The Heroes of Olympus.  

Thinking that this was like the previous Percy Jackson series, I was shocked to find one thing missing from this book: Percy! As it turns out, the "Lost Hero" of The Lost Hero is indeed Percy and Annabeth is searching for him.  But Annabeth is not alone. Annabeth discovers three unknown demigods in the world and wonders why they were not claimed by their parents before. First, there's Jason, who has no recollection of who he is or where he came from. Then there is Piper, Jason's girlfriend, or so she thought, but with his missing memory, it looks like that may be a lie. And finally there is Leo, Jason's best friend with a sense of humor and dark past. The question is, where did these three come from and where is Percy? 

Considering I am not much of a series reader and this is the second series for the same character, I was shocked to realize that I liked this book more than all of the first series. Not only are Percy and Annabeth older and more mature (making it far more enjoyable for me to read), but the addition of Leo was well done. It took about half of the book before I knew that Leo was going to be my favorite character of the entire Percy Jackson world. He's clever, funny, and loyal. He's a brilliant side character with excellent character development and a deep past that makes him so much more then just the goofy sidekick. 

Well done Riordan! 

Rating: PG

Recommended for those who enjoy: action, adventure, humor, and mythology.

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