Sunday, September 14, 2014

Making up For Monday: Killer Anticipation

It's time for Making Up For Monday!

This week's question:
What book that hasn't been released yet are you most anticipating?

I have such a long "to be read" list with hundreds of books that are already out, so I don't typically look for books that haven't been released yet. That being said, I have two that I can hardly wait for their release.

The first is The Blood of Olympus, the final book in the Heroes of Olympus series.  This is Rick Riordan's final book about the hero Percy Jackson. There was a rumor that Riordan claimed that not all of the seven would survive, but it looks like that may have been a hoax.  I can't find proof of either one, so I guess I will find out when I read the book.

The second book I am waiting for is the second in the Veronica Mars series, Mr. Kiss and Tell. Being a huge fan of the TV series, I went and saw the movie the week it came out and did a little happy dance when Logan appeared in full marine uniform (beautiful!). The announcement of the book series meant that my love for Veronica, Wallace, Mac and Logan could continue.

What book has you eager for it's arrival?


  1. I actually never started this PJ companion series, so I'm excited to binge read it now. All my favorite Vloggers have been raving about the conclusion for weeks.

    To the same point, I never got into VM. I think I only seen the first season and, shocker, I don't know how the series ended (which I'm thrilled about bc I hate spoilers). I'm interested though, bc I loved Logan on the show and Jason Doring as an actor; same goes for Veronica/Kristen. So, I've also got something to binge watch before checking out the books.

    1. I was surprised with the PJ series that I actually ended up enjoying it. I am not into series or YA, but I really like these. And VM speaks to my teenage soul! I highly recommend binge-watching this show and falling for Logan. Thanks for stopping by Page!

  2. Hey!
    I'm actually with Page up there. I've never read the PJ series but every time I'm at the library i fell the books winking at me hahaha I think i might start soon and see how it goes with the first book . :)

    1. I hope you enjoy it! I actually liked the second series, The Heroes of Olympus, better than even the PJ and the Olympian series. So in my opinion, the books just keep getting better.