Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rabbit at Rest: 1 Star

Rabbit at Rest by John Updike

Seeing as I hated Rabbit is Rich, many may wonder why I even bothered with Rabbit at Rest.  The answer is simple: it also won a Pulitzer Prize.  Why?  I have no idea. Just as I expected, I also hated this book.

Once again we join Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom in his life, this time as a man attempting to retire after a heart attack. His wife is unhappy and wants to work.  His son is married and now has two children (one he is fond of, the other he is not). But he and his wife are not exactly making Rabbit's life easy. Rabbit's life is coming to a close and he can't seem to find happiness. 

I wonder why Rabbit can't find happiness.  Oh wait, it might be because he's is a terrible human being. He's crass and disgusting.  He cheats on his wife multiple times (without any remorse) and only thinks about women in the sexual sense.  If they can't or won't pleasure him sexually, he has no use for them. He's greedy, uncaring, and disgusting.  I couldn't stand him in the slightest and was happy to know that this was the last book he would ever be in. He does things that are so disturbing, I can't even stand to repeat them.

I walk away form the is series and hope to never think about Rabbit again. 

Rating: R (or possibly X)

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