Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rabbit is Rich: 1 Star

Rabbit is Rich by John Updike

Ugh..... I was really close to leaving my review at just that.

Rabbit is Rich is a Pulitzer Prize winner so I read it as part of my challenge. It is actually the third part of a four part series following Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom. After what seems to be a troubled past (which happens in the first two books), Rabbit has finally settled down and seems somewhat satisfied in his life.

Rabbit owns a Toyota dealership during the gas crisis of the 70's. Even though the rest of the country seems to be struggling financially, Rabbit is actually doing pretty well. He's somewhat happy in his marriage (I guess happier than he was).  He even has made amends with those in his life he once had a rocky relationship. Then his son comes home from college in hopes of working at the Toyota dealership and Rabbit isn't sure his son has worked hard enough to deserve such a job.

I did not like this book at all and that is for two big reasons:

1.  Nothing happens!  The book is so unbelievably boring.  What does happen in this book is just mundane and boring, and frankly I just didn't care.

2. I hated Rabbit. Ugh, he was a male chauvinist pig. Every time he met a woman, his first few thoughts were "I wonder if her pubic hair is the same color as her hair?" or "I wonder what her vagina looks like/smells like/tastes like?".  EVERY WOMAN! It was disgusting.  Then he cheats on his wife several times like it nothing.  I hate cheaters.  But on top of it, the sex scene were explained in disgusting detail and they did nasty things like pee on each other.  I felt like I was reading and poorly executed porno.  Ugh.

I will never read Updike again.  Ugh!

Rating:  X (Seriously vivid sex scenes)

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