Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day at My House

I know this is a little late but I thought I'd tell you a little about my Valentine's Day.

For my husband, I signed him up for the Dollar Shave Club. This is an awesome club.  For a small price each month ($1-$9), they will send you a new cartridge of razors each month. That's four razors a month, or about one a week. I got him the most expensive razor and he loved it!  I highly recommend checking this out.

For me, my husband got me some used books.  I LOVE used books.  The older they are, the better, and my husband did not disappoint.

 The top book is a German Bible from 1854. Here's a shot of the inside.

The second book up is a Mark Twain book that is part of a set. It has a stamp that all the books have.  In doing some research, the first books said "This is the authorized Uniform Edition of all my books-Mark twain".  After 1917, the word "all" was dropped.  Now my husband and I are going to look for more of the set whenever we go to old used bookstores.  Maybe in 20 years, I'll find a complete set.  :)  

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