Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Silver Pigs (Didius Falco #1): 3 Stars

The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis

Didius Falco is basically a private investigator in ancient Rome. Once day he sees a beautiful woman running as if being chased and, taken in by her beauty, helps her hide while he tries to find out who she's running from.  She ends up getting killed and now Falco is on a mission!

Hired by the woman's uncle (the Senator) and his daughter, Helena Justine, Falco is trying to find out who has been stealing silver from the royal silver supply.  The silver is mined by slaves or prisoners and is then transported to the Emperor. Falco immediately dislikes Helena Justine and she too dislikes Falco.  Falco views her as a high-class snob. He takes the case to help her poor dead cousin and despises her in the process.

It surprises no reader to find out that Falco and Helena's hatred soon turns into love as they go through this adventure together.

With quick wit and sarcasm, I enjoyed this novel.  Helena and Falco have a fun and entertaining relationship. However, due to the modern language and wit, I had a hard time remembering the setting was ancient Rome.  I also was confused by a lot of the language and references and found myself Googling words more than I enjoyed.

But it was fun a read and I will likely carry on reading some more Falco adventures.

Rating: PG

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