Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Haul

This last weekend there was a sale at the local library.  Being an avid reader who is not a fan of the Kindle or Nook, I have one dream in regards to books.  Ever since I first saw Disney's Beauty and the Beast as a child, all I wanted was the beast's library.

Seriously, what reader doesn't love this?!

Anyhow, hopefully that background helps explain what I did....

I bought 78 books! 

Ok, so it only cost me about $30, but it was a little crazy.  Especially when the worker's told me I need to pull my car around because I had so many books.  Eek! 

Here are some highlights: 

My husband LOVES Tom Clancy and I was able to get quite a few hardbacks.

 Three books on tape were included in this haul, including The Yankee Years by Joe Torre, a book I have wanted to read.  Plus the Oxford Thesaurus is going to help with my writing. :) 

I LOVE John Grisham!  I have read most of these but don't own them.  Now I have them in hardback. 

 I got an F. Scott Fitzgerald set.  Whoo hoo! 

Ok, so in my mad dash to buy books...I accidentally got two duplicates.  Whoops!

One step closer in my dream of the beast's library!

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