Saturday, October 26, 2013

Am I a Better Writer in my Sleep?

I learned real quick in college that I am a better writer late at night than at any other time. I can recall several times crawling into bed after a long day and slowly drifting off to sleep, when suddenly whatever paper I had been researching that day would suddenly start writing itself.  So I drug myself out of my nice, warm, and cozy bed, to purge the words from my brain. As annoying as it was, I did very well in college and aced most of my papers. Then I graduated.

No longer required to read and write every day, I stopped.  I didn't read books and I never wrote.  I got a full time job and that was that.  Late at night I would still feel inspired to get up and write, but since there was no urgency, I would roll over and go back to sleep.  When I finally decided years later that I wanted to write again, I was no longer feeling inspired at bed time.

That's when I started reading A LOT more and writing reviews. Its slowly helping my creativity come back.

But is it coming back in my sleep?

I have weird dreams in which I make up word or phrases!

I try to fall asleep on my back but always wake up on my side. This isn't great because my hips hurt. Well, the other night I had a dream that I went to see a doctor about my aching hip.  He told me I was a victim of the "self-prop".  Apparently the "self-prop" is when you prop yourself up on your side in your sleep. I was so convinced this was a real thing, I Googled it the next day.

Also, not long after I got my dog I had a weird dream about her name.  My husband named her Codex (after Felicia Day's character's avatar in her web series, The Guild). In my dream, I told people her full name was California Codex, which made her nickname Cali Cody. Cali Cody?  Seriously?  Where did my brain come up with that one?

The list goes on and on.  So this begs the questions, am I a better and more creative writer in my sleep? I guess I better learn to use a pen in my sleep then!

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