Wednesday, October 2, 2013

John Adams: 5 Stars

John Adams by David McCullough

Nerd alert!  I love non-fiction books.  Not only that, but I love John Adams.  So the combination of non-fiction and Johns Adams was too good to resist.  Plus, I love David McCullough's writing style, so this was an easy choice for me.

John Adams was a bull-headed, stubborn man. He couldn't help but argue his point of view and try to sway people to his way of thinking. It is for that precise reason, that we are the country we are today. While Congress danced around the issue of independence, Adams refused to back down.  He continually brought up the issue again and again until Congress finally acted upon it.

But this was not the only thing he did for this great country.  The man also served as president. 

If I wrote about all the amazing things I learned about in this great book, I could go on forever.  Instead, I will simply tell you it is a great read.  If you are not into reading long non-fiction books, there is a great HBO special starring Paul Giamatti based on the book.  Check it out!

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