Monday, February 9, 2015

Top Ten Reasons I am Not a Fan of Romance

It's time again for The Broke and The Bookish's Top Ten Tuesday.

This weeks theme was: Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

Since I am NOT a fan of romance novels or most of the romance in novels, I decided to list the top ten reason why. 

1. Sex scenes:  Call me a prude if you want, but I have literally no desire to read about the steamy sex between two characters. I find it less "sexy" and more awkward, like I'm creepy person who is sitting in the room watching. It typically adds nothing to the plot to have the details written out, and more often than not I am thinking about what it was like for the author to sit and write that, rather than the story at hand.

2. Abusive relationships misrepresented: While this is definitely not true for all romance, I have seen it far too many times. Controlling and abusive men are portrayed as loving and romantic. It disgusts me in every way possible and I feel like calling the author up and chucking the book at them.

3. Women changing for the men: As with the last one, this isn't in every romance, but way too many. I feel like it is often portrayed as women who have to change big things about themselves to be able to land the man that they want. If you have to change for them, then you obviously were not compatible and the relationship will not work out.  Come on!

4. Women NEEDING another to be happy: You know the drill, the book starts out with a horrifically unhappy woman who meets a man/woman and suddenly she has found happiness.  In reality, if you can't find happiness on your own, you are never going to find happiness with someone else. And why does it always seem to be women who need a relationship to be happy but men are totally fine on their own?

5. Ditzy girls: I hate when the protagonist is a ditzy girl.  I just don't like it.

6. Justified cheating: I can't stand when the main character cheats, but it is so much worse if the author "justifies" it. Nope, sorry, cheating is wrong. I don't care what the other person did, if they were a jerk, or if you didn't love them anymore.  You end one relationship before staring another.

7. Love triangles: These get old really quick.  And personally, I think if you can't decide between two people, you probably should choose neither.

8. The "perfect" man: I swear, there are way too many books with the perfect guy.  He knows what you are thinking and feeling and his every move is dedicated to making sure you are happy. Yeah...that's realistic. The reality is, everyone has flaws and relationships take a lot of hard work, not a perfect man. I feel bad for the guys that get compared to the characters in their girlfriends romance novel.  The expectations are impossibly too high.

9. The womanizer turned loyal boyfriend: You know the drill-he's out every night looking for a one night stand.  He'll tell a woman any lie he can just to get into her pants. He sleeps with her (usually making some reference to how good it was for her and how lucky she is) and then drops off the face of the planet. Then he meets "the one" and suddenly his womanizing, sex-crazed ways are gone.  And of course, this girl actually makes sex great for him. Barf!  Seriously?  I am done with that guy!

10. Happily ever after: Anyone who has ever been in a long term relationship knows that love takes a lot of work. Life is a mess and never perfect.  But inevitably, in many many romance novels, you have the woman (why is it always a woman?) who's life is a mess.  She hates her job, she's fighting with her friends, she has no money, and she's lonely. And then she meets a man, falls in love and everything else fixes itself magically and her life is instantly perfect!  Ha ha ha, I guess some people don't want any reality in their books!

Are you a big fan of romance novels? Don't worry; I don't judge!  I am sure you have perfectly valid reasons for enjoying them and you should not feel bad about it.  To each their own!

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  1. Great valid reasons. I'm not a fan of straight romance; kind of bores me. New Adult is as close as I've gotten to a book specifically about romance/relationships. But I do love a little romance with my Urban Fantasy.

    Glorifying bad romances/male leads is quite horrifying and too common (I say as I wrap up the 50 Shades Trilogy, lol). But I'm far from a prude; I love sex scenes done well. Not from the aforementioned book series though; Lorelei James is my girl for that.