Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mystery Book Party!

I have decided to host a Mystery Book Party and would love it if you would join me!

Here's how it'll work:

1. I will post some pictures of book covered in brown paper with a brief and cryptic synopsis.

2. You will choose the three books you would like to read the most and send an email to with a sentence or two telling me why you want to review each book and when you will be able to review the book (I don't expect you to drop everything and read it now, but am hopeful for a review within six months).

3. I will choose someone to send each book to and mail them.  If I have more interest than I have books, I may add a few books (depending upon the number of people interested).

4. If you get a book, you will write a reveal of what the book was and write a review on your own blog! I will write a post the same day as you directing those interested in the reveal/review to you.  Don't have a blog, but want to participate?  Send your review to me and I will be happy to post it on my blog, with credit to you!

Doesn't that sound fun?

If this is successful, I may do it a couple times a year!  

Please feel free to share this on your own blog and let your own followers know about it.  I would love to get a good group of people in on this. If you share this on your blog, please let me know when you request a book along with your URL and you will get top priority!

Ready???  Ok, here's the books:

~300 pages
~350 pages

~ 400 pages
~ 450 pages

~350 pages
~ 300 pages

~ 400 pages
~400 pages

~150 pages

Footnote: Please be aware these are used books in good condition that I have found at used book stores, thrift stores, and library sales.  I haven't read them, so I do not necessarily recommend them (but might if I read them!)

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