Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Colorado Kid: 3 Stars

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

I read It when I was a teenager and vowed never to read Stephen King again. Not because I was too scared. Not because of the language.  It was the ending for the 11-year-olds. It crossed a line for me. If you read it, you now what I'm talking about. If you haven't, just read the plot on Wikipedia. All I can say is, ugh!

Anyhow, my sisters have been very into the show Haven on SyFy and I have seen a few episodes.  The plot is interesting and is based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen Kid, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Other than two of the main characters of the short story being two of the side characters on the show and the location (shocker, it's Maine), I don't see the similarities. But it was a decent story none the less.

A young reporter has worked on a small town newspaper for four months and is having lunch with the two editors. They get on the topic of unsolved mysteries. They tell her a few, each of which you can guess what could have happened based on the circumstances. Then the tell her about the Colorado Kid.

The Colorado Kid, later identified, showed up on a beach dead, apparently having choked on a piece of meat.  No wallet, no coat, no explanation.

The story isn't really scary as much as weird.  There is no resolution.  It's just a story.

It was a good short read so that was nice, but I am not sure what else to make of it.

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