Sunday, April 12, 2015

Making Up For Monday: The Reading Life

It's time for Making Up For Monday! This is a weekly meme hosted by me that asks some fun literary questions. Feel free to play along!

This week's question:
When people ask you why you read so much, what is your answer?

Besides saying "because reading is awesome"?  Honestly, I tell them I was born into reading. My parents read to me often as a child. I have vivid memories of my dad reading and doing all the weird voices and sound effects that go with it. My mom would read longer books to me as well; ones that would take weeks to get through.

So, as an adult, reading seemed like a very normal thing to do.

I honestly think I am more surprised when I find out there are people who don't read at all. Seriously, why not?! 

What about you? Do you get the question a lot?  If so, how do you answer?


  1. Great question this week. I agree with your answer. It's odd for me that people don't read. Thanks for sharing this week and hosting this weekly! Have a great week happy reading!

    1. Right? I know way too many people who don't read and I honestly can't understand it. Thanks for playing along!